Lately I have been working on porting mklivecd to Mageia, things have gone pretty well. There is still a few caveats, but for the most part it’s working.. You can find the source here:

I build rpms for Mageia 6 and cauldron through copr:

If you would like to test and are using Mageia just do a:
“dnf copr enable jmiahman/mklivecd” as root.

I also do a highly experimental build test, using Travis-CI and Docker. If you want to test those ISOs (which may, or may not work), those can be found here:

You can leave feed back on IRC at #unitylinux or in the comments here.


I’m Still here

October 4, 2013

I have retired Synergy-Linux in a sense… It really didn’t make sense for me to work alone. So for the past year I have just taken a break, had my 3rd child and did a career change, for a little bit. Now I am actually working back at my old job which believe it or not has been a relief. I am working back with Linux (some) and thought it might be good to get involved in another community and do my best to be an outstanding open source citizen. So I have begun to help the guys at Korora Linux. They’re a nice bunch and quite enjoyable to work with. So that’s where I am now if anyone wonders and most likely I will be doing future posts on KDE 4 on Korora and changes etc.. I have helped out with. I really think Korora has a bright future and I am excited for the opportunity to be involved. If for some reason you want to find me I will be on #korora on IRC.

Social Synergy Goodness

December 15, 2011

The Linux distribution I am working on has it’s own Google Plus Page, Yay! Check it out and leave feedback.

Wow long time no update

December 5, 2011

It’s been a long time since I have updated this blog, or a bit since I have updated any blog. THe work on Synergy Linux continues with version 3. I have done multiple things.

Set up a developers page:

On this page you can see what’s happening in SVN what packages are being worked on and some future plans for Synergy Linux. Right now I am pretty far ahead of what is currently on their however. I have gotten a working version of KDE 4 done and I am working on my first Alpha 3 release. With Alpha 3 we are no longer a Fedora respin, as we now maintian our own kernel and packages completly seperate from Fedora. If you want a comparison we are somewhere between fedora 16 and 17 with a sprinkle of Mandriva and Mageia.

The most current alpha build (as in may not work and if does needs some fixin’) can be found here:

Synergy Linux 2 Alpha 3 (Last Beta) has been released tonight with KDE 4.6.4. Some how the ugly blue tangoish icons snuck in there that are now in KDE 4.6.4. I have been meaning to add a more greener icon theme in the mix now is my chance, in my opinion almost anything will be better then what’s now the default in KDE. Unfortunately no one will see the new theme but me at least until the next Beta, sorry. Any Who check it out:

Synergy Linux 2 development release 0.11 was released today with less memory consumption. Yay!..

Find out more here:

These last few days have been the days of updates for me. I noticed I still had KDE 4.5.1 rpms that I hadn’t pushed too the Unity KDE 4 Channel. Really the only thing holding me back was building language packs (kde-l10n) a script later on my build machine and they were all updated and done. In case some of you don’t know the Synergy KDE 4 Channel that is ran by me separate from Unity KDE 4 is like a testing or staging Channel. I normally keep packages residing on the Synergy KDE 4 Channel some times for a few weeks before syncing them with Unity. I Like to run them a while and allow a few others too just to make sure there’s no major issues. There wasn’t so they got synced, a little later than I would have liked but 4.5.2 is just around the corner and I’ll have time to prove myself. I’m really in no rush, just waiting for the binaries to show up on my favorite kde ftp server and I’ll start the scripts up. In the mean time I’ve been going through all the source packages in SVN and updating to the most recent version. Good times so far, most likely a lot of these updates will hit the Unity KDE channel pretty quick as a lot of them are just small updates to an already stable existing version.

So anyways you should see updates coming down the pipe for all QT4 and KDE 4 related packages. please as normal let me know if there’s any issues.