EeePCLinuxOS new Set of Goals, New Name

April 27, 2009

EeePCLinuxOS was a PCLinuxOS based distribution who’s entire focus was getting PCLinuxOS to work and well on the EeePC. The first wave of the EeePC only had a 2-4gig storage capacity. PCLinuxOS barely fit on the 2G device with no room to save much of anything. To Combat that we came up with doing a compressed install directly to the SSD and then we used the LiveCD persistent changes option. A lot has changed since the initial release of the EeePC. A lot of new netbooks have came on the seen some offering normal hard drives with 180Gigs of storage. The screens still range from 7-10 inches though and some not so common hardware is still being used. I still see a niche for a PCLinuxOS like project to be installed and used, not just on the EeePC, but multiple netbooks now. I know I use my EeePC for a multitude of purposes. At home it’s a easy way to watch TV using it as a Myth Front End. It’s also great to have another machine to do trivial tasks on my desk and using opensource apps like Synergy to control the keyboard and mouse make things that much easier. On the road it takes on the full load of a laptop. Keeping it in my car I can easily find a open access point and check the latest movie times. The netbook has solidified the fact the PC no longer belongs strapped down to a desk, but can now go where we go. I think the goals and purpose of such a device have out grown EeePCLinuxOS’ small support for the EeePC. New goals need ot be reworked the way netbooks can be utilized better with complimentary applications needs to be researched. A fresh new look and a fresh set of ideas needs to be injected in. To represent that a new name is in order. EeePCLinuxOS is now known as Synergy Linux. You can find out more, by visiting Synergy Linux will be one of many Linux distributions that are now being based off Unity Linux. I have blogged about Unity in previous posts and it is my strong feeling Unity will offer a strog direction and base for Syngergy Linux. Here’s to the future United 😉


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