Blog Update and Mandriva Cooker

November 12, 2009

Oh Yes! I am still here and still alive. I created this blog while deployed and now that I have been back in the states for a while I have decided to update it.

Screenshot of KDE 4.4 plasma-netbook

This picture was taken from the KDE 4 Wiki so it may be a little dated.

Here’s the latest Linux related thing I am excited about… Mandriva cooker is back in action. Yes, I am one of the few or maybe the many that run Mandriva cooker on a regular basis. I don’t file many bug reports or report much to the mailing lists, but mainly just use it too see what is up and coming in the Linux world. Yesterday they dropped the latest KDE 4.4 builds (4.3.73) it broke things for a bit, but today after a update all is well again. I can’t wait to see the upcoming features for KDE 4.4. There’s been two new features I have been paying close attention to for this release. One, would of course be the netbook interface. A built in netbook interface into KDE 4 will of forever affect our Synergy-Linux development and where it goes from there. Will we go with the plasma-netbook interface, can we do a resolution detection scheme and default to plasma-netbook for out little netbooks and then use the default plasma environment for our larger net friends? Or just have it as an option for any resolution, acting as an easy mode.  Only time will tell.

The second major feature (at least for me) would be UPnP support in knetwork. UPnP allows network devices such as your DVR to share services over your local network. This would greatly extend the functionality of the netbook, to access content on other devices on the network and be able to play them off that device. For netbooks without the storage capacity this still allows them to play media and act as a front end for different media devices.

So how will all this affect my current Linux world, only time will tell, but if you’re a Unity Linux user, a Mandriva Linux user or a Synergy Linux user you better believe it’s going to affect you in some way in the near future.


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