Amarok 2.2.1 on Unity

November 20, 2009

Amarok 2.2.1 On Unity Linux

Amarok 2.2.1 On Unity Linux

Yesterday I read a pretty good review on some of the new features of Amarok 2.2.1. The Amarok team got a lot of flack for the rebuild in 2.0. I actually have enjoyed the progression and while there were regressions (and still maybe a few) I do believe a rewrite was a good idea. People tend to want to compare Amarok’s 1.4 features to 2.0 and a rewrite. From my understanding 2.0 was to make Amarok afresh and I quite enjoy the new features, a more well thought out interface, and feature plan. Examples of this would be in theming, while the prior method of using images,  CSS, and html was quite convenient (I have done a few Amarok 1.4 themes) the newer method of using SVGs seems to be even easier (although the presence of a configuration tool would make it even better). You no longer have to learn CSS or Html to theme it’s just a matter of getting used to a program like Inkscape and looking at a few Amarok 2 themes on as templates and dropping it in the appropriate folder. It takes the need away to also be a little bit of a web developer from developing themes for Amarok. In 2.2.1 you have well thought out conveniences like middle clicking to add a song to the current playlist.In any case, the review inspired me to repackage 2.2.1 and install it on my system. I’m still looking for a few patches to add from the big boys (Suse and Fedora) and once that is done I will see about uploading it to SVN and getting it on the repo to play with.


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