Repo Updates

January 31, 2010

Just to let everyone know in Synergy and Unity Land…

Synergy Linux now maintains two repositories for KDE 4 32 bit and 64 bit architectures. I have building packages within a modified (very small changes) Unity Linux build environment. The good news is this really simplifies the process of building for dual archs, the bad news is it took a little to figure out and that got me a little bit behind on packaging for KDE 4.4 RC 2. So there’s still some packages that need to be updated for the 32Bit repo and built for the 64Bit repo (not too many though, ie Amarok and kdeaccesibility).

Currently the 32Bit repo has everything to make it self sustaining, meaning that the Unity KDE 4 repo should not need to be enabled, in fact if you’re testing and leaving me feedback please turn off the Unity KDE 4 repository (only for 32Bit). Now the 64Bit repo is still grabbing some packages from the Unity KDE 4 64Bit repo  and most likely needs it to install. If you would like to test with the Unity repo turned off and tell me the missing requires so they can be built I would be more then willing to work with you as long as you are patient. Slowly I am going through the 32Bit KDE 4 repo adding packages to Synergy Linux SVN, updating if need be and rebuilding them. A Few packages that have been added or update recently is are:

Koffice, moved to version 2.1.1

Arora, new edition to the repos and updated bookmarks patch

Quassel, updated to version 0.5.1

there are also other packages that have been added or updated that I’m not listing ie. cmake because for most users it’s not of interest. Some cool packages to play with (but have been on the repos a little while) are bangarang, minitube, clipgrab and recorditnow .

Kind Regards



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