Unity Linux.. What’s going down?

February 22, 2010

Wow! It’s been a crazy month so far. Stepping back and looking at the waters surface I’m sure to the Linux community the waters of Unity Linux look calm, but underneath the surface has been a fast current, a current of change and progress. Some pretty important stuff has gone down this month.

KDE 4.4 Progress
We (Synergy Linux) released our KDE 4.4 Packages that are heavily based on Fedora, Mandriva and Suse RPMS. Not soon after our release we were gobbled up by Unity Linux Main. What I mean by that is our packages from Synergy SVN were imported into Unity SVN. Synergy Linux has now taken over the development of KDE 4 for Unity Linux and we maintain the unity-kde4 repository now that is mirrored around the world. I have opened up a issue tracker for these rpms. Sorry but for now registration is required at synergy-linux.com, but if you’re really serious about helping us out please register and post your issue. You can also give suggestions and keep up with the latest packages that Synergy-Linux is packaging for Unity Linux.

Unity Base Install from RPMS
Although updating to KDE 4.4 is progress for me the real progress comes with what’s currently being tested and worked on by the Unity Core team. Currently with most LiveCD distributions a base install of a parent distribution is needed. A known example would be PCLinuxOS’ relationship with Mandriva. In the case of PCLinuxOS they (at least used to) start with a Mandriva 32bit release update it with their rpms and changes (themes and optimizations) and then use a livecd creation tool. In a few days hopefully we’ll see that’s how things used to work at Unity Linux. With the new method now being worked on there’s no need to install a parent distribution. You quite simply use the rpms that are already in the Unity Linux repository and create your remaster, livecd, or branch from there. For Unity Linux developers this cuts a lot of time out of creating releases and for branch maintainers it allows more control in the creation process.

Look for a release out soon using this method


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