KDE 4.4.2 on Unity KDE4 Repo

April 19, 2010

KDE 4.4.2 Packaging.

This weekend I have pretty much finished packaging for 4.4.2. It’s a little later then what I wanted it for a few different reasons.

1. There was a Akonadi MySql issue that I think had to do with the lastest Mysql update on the mirrors. This was reported by Steve who was very patient. Eventually in his case we ended up having to delete the ~/.config/akonadi folder and reinstalling the akonadi packages. Fortunately he had no saved data in akonadi so nothing was lost. I still haven’t been able to put my finger on the issue as it seems on some of my machines Akonadi complains and in others it doesn’t. There was a patch I found from fedora that gives the path to the innodb plugin for Sql. That patch has been applied and maybe that’s why it worked on some of my machines and not others.

2. I only have so many build machines. The last group of packages I normally do are the language packs. Using the bldchrt script with the Unity build package this would take forever because I was using bldchrt -xb-crk, this causes all the requires for each build to be installed and removed with each package. So a majority of the time to build was being taken by installing and removing packages each time and these are the same buildrequires that are need for all language packs. I knew there was a better way but decided I’d just let it build it couldn’t take too long could it? 24 Hours later it’s still building and I bring it up to Matt and of course I could have used bldchrt -b-rckl which keeps all the buildrequires installed in the chrooted environments and then you can simple clean up with bldchrt -c “rmp -a”

Now the only thing left is too build the kdesdk package. I am running into a few issues with it and I’m wondering if my latest cmake update will fix it. We’ll see. At this point though everything is very usable and the older kdesdk packages will work just fine so it’s not a show stoppper.  Have fun!


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