is back up

August 3, 2010 is back up. I was using a home machine to to host my site, however with the latest Alpha releases and the latest builds of KDE 4.5 RC 3 I have decided to try and make my home machine more the work horse and less the file provider. This is better for my home Internet connection and it’s better for those downloading ISOs or packages as it will be much faster with the host I have gone with.

Currently I have packaged KDE 4.5 RC 3 and KDE Pim 4.4.5. A Vast majority of packages have been updated and can be found in the repository for those who want to test if you would like to connect to the new server it will be up soon and I am more than willing to support those who want to test.

Synergy Linux Latest Release
Currently Synergy Linux is at Alpha3a we’ll be moving to Alpha3b tonight which includes more video drivers and wireless drivers. Alpha3c will be pushed out some Tomorrow or Thursday and unless there are major issues still it will the be last Alpha release.

Moving on to Beta
A few things will be focused on during the Beta series. A further investigation will be put into KDE 4 running in our compressed mode. Comparisons between gzip and lzma compression too see if it makes a difference in memory and ramdisk allocation will be investigated. Further investigation into running KDE 4 with less than 512 will be looked into. Swap is a first suggestion some will make. However performance has to be key in this scenario and a lot of testing and test cases will need to be thrown at such a feature. In my attempts I have found that when the system starts swapping to slows down quite a bit. However, further tests will need to be done. If it ends up working it could be a viable USB solution and the installer could create a swap partition quite easily with the needed amount of memory to run and allocate most of ram to disk space and the rest of the USB for persistent file storage. Cosmetically a new theme and background will be released and witht he exception of minor improvements and tweaks should carry into the first official final release. Late in the Beta cycle, packages that allow remote use and enhance netbook functionality integration will be the focus.


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