Wow long time no update

December 5, 2011

It’s been a long time since I have updated this blog, or a bit since I have updated any blog. THe work on Synergy Linux continues with version 3. I have done multiple things.

Set up a developers page:

On this page you can see what’s happening in SVN what packages are being worked on and some future plans for Synergy Linux. Right now I am pretty far ahead of what is currently on their however. I have gotten a working version of KDE 4 done and I am working on my first Alpha 3 release. With Alpha 3 we are no longer a Fedora respin, as we now maintian our own kernel and packages completly seperate from Fedora. If you want a comparison we are somewhere between fedora 16 and 17 with a sprinkle of Mandriva and Mageia.

The most current alpha build (as in may not work and if does needs some fixin’) can be found here:


4 Responses to “Wow long time no update”

  1. Richard Says:

    I can see MD5s but no ISO.

    • jmiahman Says:

      There should be some now, I am going to drop another ISO soon. With Alpha’s I can sometime create 10+ a day, so sometimes it’s a moving target. I need to update the system a bit and make it smarter, so if someone is grabbing an ISO it just doesn’t delete it while it’s generating a new one.

  2. Richard Says:

    I found it and I’m playing with it in vbox. Thank you.

  3. jmiahman Says:

    Glad you got it because I just started another ISO build. For the most part (except for one package left) these are all packages I have rebuilt and in most cases edited, so there’s still stuff missing and broken. Most of the breakage is due to SELinux being torn out. So I have to go back and fix some packages like system-config-user to not call any SELinux python modules. I also have a limited about of display drivers. It’s getting there though.

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